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The Perfect Year Round Destination

The Perfect Year Round Destination

As anyone who has visited a cross country center knows, they are low-key operations, clean and with a very accommodating staff ready to assist you in any way.  Very different than many other summer or winter destinations, cross country centers are equipped to handle...

Why Cross Country Ski?

Cross country skiing is fun… it’s also fun to learn, healthy, family friendly, accessible, affordable, and offers great variety! Cross country skiing uses natural movements – it doesn’t require special skills to get started and has a short learning curve. Just a couple of hours spent being coached by a professional instructor will give you the skills needed for a lifetime of fun!

Ski Areas and Regions to Visit

The US and Canada have some of the finest cross country ski areas in the world.  Visit one of the below areas with the family or just that significant other!

Bretton Woods Nordic

Tahoe Donner

Aspen Nordic

Enchanted Forest XC
New Mexico

Jackson Ski Touring

Giants Ridge

Viking Nordic

Great Glen Trails

Lapland Lake
New York

Woodstock Nordic

Rikert Nordic

Mt Van Hoevenberg
New York

MT’s Yellowstone Country

Latest News

Winter Wonderlands: Three Magical Days in Mont-Tremblant

Winter Wonderlands: Three Magical Days in Mont-Tremblant

As the holidays approach and ski season with them, folks may find themselves scrambling for exciting winter getaways that are remote enough to be interesting, yet close enough to be accessible. In such moments, Mont-Tremblant, the quaint resort town nestled in the...

Fast Wax:  Easy Speed for Every Skier

Fast Wax: Easy Speed for Every Skier

Whether you’re new to Nordic skiing or an old pro, you’ve probably had the experience of slipping your skis into the track, poling hard, expecting that you will glide quickly across the snow—and finding, to your disappointment, that the sticky snow is holding you back. This less-than-ideal situation happens whenever there is too much friction between the snow and the ski: this might be because the snow is so dry that it grinds against the ski base, or because it is so wet that the skis get suction-cupped to the slushy stuff.

Our Favorite California Ski Areas

Our Favorite California Ski Areas

Our Favorite California Ski Areas Though California’s “Eureka!” state motto originally meant you’d struck gold, today visitors can say Eureka! about a whole lot more than a few grubby nuggets. Skiers exploring California and its exceptional Sierra Nevada...


Brave Ski Mom

Whether you have tiny toddlers just learning to slide or grown children with whom you’re planning a reunion, you’re in the right place.

The Nordic Approach

The Nordic Approach is an e-magazine built around the cross-country ski lifestyle and all that it entails. 

Buddy Insurance

On-demand accident insurance starting at $9 for a day

10 Tips & Tricks For Enjoying Your Cross Country Ski Experience

As with many new activities, having a little insight from seasoned regulars can be super helpful. Below we have compiled ideas to make your cross country ski experience, be it the first of fiftieth, more enjoyable.

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Learn the Basics

Watch the video to learn the basics of cross country skiing and give a glimpse of what to expect!

Who Cross Country Skis?

Cross country ski areas may be found in all snow states and provinces.

Canadian Provinces

US States

Million Canadian Participants

Million US Participants