About Fat Biking

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Fat bikes, dubbed the “Hummers of the two-wheelers’ world” in the Wall Street Journal, are proliferating. More than 150 cross country (XC) ski areas have fat bikes available to use on snow covered trails.

These specially-made bicycles use ultra-wide tires that can run at very low pressure, allowing them to roll over soft, slippery surfaces like snow. XC ski areas and regional pockets across the nation now have fat bike trails with groomed single track, signed trails, rental bikes, and special events.

An industry source recently reported that 150,000-200,000 fat bikes have been sold since 2010, while about 7 million mountain bikes were sold. Fat bikes provide a great way for avid cyclists to stay in shape during winter, while they also provide different recreational fun for people who are active or love the outdoors.

Many ski areas that allow fat bikes have complete rental programs, including helmets, though some do not. Find a ski area here and check the link to their website to learn if they have fat biking.