Each spring, the CCSAA Board of Directors updates the Strategic Plan and identifies key initiatives for the coming year.  For many years, one of the discussions subjects has been distributing our Directory, both online and printed, to a far larger audience.  This resulted in the enhanced PR program working to place specialty articles on cross country skiing and the CCSAA Directory.

Taking this consumer outreach one step further, CCSAA is executing a long standing goal of creating a consumer newsletter targeting the current recreational cross country skier, the snow sports enthusiasts who do not cross country ski, and those people that are not currently snow sports enthusiasts.

The newsletter will partner with select cross country specific and more general supporters to create a professionally produced digital publication that will be of interest to a wide audience.  Partners with existing consumer lists, as well as those with sophisticated marketing skills will bring needed expertise to CCSAA for this project.  The newsletter will also be supported by an aggressive PR and social media campaign that will help constantly grow our consumer list.

More details will be coming, but this will be a truly revolutionary initiative.

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