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associate level
The associate level has the address block and 100 word description. Associate level companies are grouped and listed below the full level companies on one website page specific to their product category.
Atomic Ski USA
2030 Lincoln Ave Odgen, UT 84401
toll free: 800-258-5020

Atomic is a 50 year old Austrian winter sports company that offers a full range of Nordic skis, boots, bindings & poles. Production takes place under close supervision in their own Austrian factory. Here, they can keep careful eye on quality control as well as zero environmental impact. Production has gone totally green while enhancing the quality of the skis, boots & binding. Our goal is to make cross country skiing easier & more fun for everyone.

Best Bang for the Buck!full level
The full level has the address block, 100 word description, logo, and (3) photos with a caption which appear in rotation on all eleven consumer product pages of the website. In addition if your company qualifies to appear in another product category, you will be listed on that page(s) as well. Full level companies receive priority positioning on the website page.

CCSAA invites Full Suppliers ($550 dues) to submit three photos for use in the shuffle. The photos will appear on all twelve pages of the equipment & services section of the website. The purpose of the photos is to:

  1. add more visual interest to the pages of member business listings,
  2. sell the emotion of our sport, and
  3. to give additional exposure for the Full Supplier members. The photos will have the company logo display below the image. 

Guidelines for Photos 

  • photos are to be landscape oriented 
  • sized 180 wide x 120 high 
  • submitted as jpg 
  • photos should feature people skiing or ski trails or ski lodges
  • company or brand names are not to be superimposed on the image
  • pure product photos are not acceptable
  • products in actual use are acceptable
  • magazine covers with skier graphics are acceptable 

The executive director will have final approval for posting of photos to the CCSAA website


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