52 Cross Country Ski Areas Association
CCSAA Member Cross Country Ski Resort Locations for Alberta

Using Google Maps Tips Overlapping Flags When ski areas are in close proximity to each other, the flags on the map overlap and only one ski area's name displays. To see both ski area names, adjust the ZOOM setting on the left side of your screen before mousing over the flags. NOTE: This is of particular concern for California, Colorado, and Minnesotta. Going Back This detailed state map opened in a new window. There is no back button. The state page for resorts & trails is still open, simply close this window. Directional bar and zoom in/out feature (upper left) Plus = zoom in. Minus = zoom out. Directional arrows move the map. Snowflake (of course, we'd call it that) = stops map movement. Map/Satellite/Hybrid buttons (upper right) These buttons change the map display. Map = traditional road map. Satellite = see the area from above. Zoom in takes you as close as individual buildings. Hybrid = road map on top of satellite.