CCSAA Publications


The following publications are available from CCSAA:


Guide to Organizing a Gourmet Ski Festival

by Eric Wuennenberg

The concept of a ski tour with food stations is expanded to become an event, one that can attract not only new customers but media attention. Based on the experiences during the 1980s at the Wintergreen Cross Country Ski Center in Spring Green, Wisconsin, this guide has helped others create successful events that feature leisurely cross country skiing combined with exuberant trail-side eating and drinking in a non-competitive environment. $10 or click here to download at no cost.


Cross Country Close to Home: A Ski Area Development Manual

by Jonathan Wiesel & John Frado of Nordic Group International

This manual, published in 1989, is designed as a practical guide to developing a cross country ski area. It concentrates on why the concept is worth investigating and then shows you how to carry it out. A primary aim is to help management avoid costly errors that could limit financial success. It also offers shortcuts to financial success, whether the area is run by a private company or the public sector, and simplifies development and operating decisions. For people who require yet more knowledge, Chapter 10 discusses options in professional assistance. Assembled in a three-ring binder for easy reference. $25