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Our CCSAA member ski areas realize the importance of clean air not only to ourselves and our children, but also to the health of our environment, the survival of winter and the future of our sport. Our cross country ski and snowshoe trails wind through the woods, across the mountains, over the fields and across frozen lakes. We value all the land under our care, whether owned by us or available for our use by landowner permission or agency permit.

The trails, and their grooming, are the “product” you’re buying and the service you’re supporting when you purchase a ski area trail ticket. We hope you can find the same connection we do to the natural world that skiing carries us into each and every time we go out. So enjoy the trails that help you connect to the environment, and do your part to make sure it’s preserved for the generations to come.

In our effort to do our part, CCSAA and its members have adopted a No Idle policy and ask for our guests’ cooperation in reducing our carbon footprint. Please turn off your engines, save some gas, and reduce pollution — for the sake of ourselves and our planet. Please don’t idle your cars in our parking lots and roads.

No Idle Zone → view No Idle policy

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