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CANSI: Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors
classic: refers to the diagonal stride (straight ahead) technique of cross country skiing, as opposed to skating.
cross country skiing: skiing machine-groomed trail over varied terrain with lightweight ski equipment. Boots are held onto the ski by a binding which secures the toe but allows your heel to freely lift up off the ski.
groomed trail: the snow has been prepared by a machine for ease of movement.
km: kilometer (.6 miles)
nordic: the umbrella term: Any type of skiing which uses free-heel equipment, including cross country, telemark, ski touring, biathlon (cross country skiing and target shooting), and ski jumping (also called ski flying).
PSIA: Professional Ski Instructors of America
skating: a technique used on a consistent packed surface where you ski in a V rather than straight ahead, pushing one ski to the side and gliding. Specialized equipment is available, although skating can also be accomplished on waxable cross country skis.
ski touring: skiing ungroomed snow (including backcountry skiing), where you break your own trail.
skijoring: cross country skiing while being pulled by a dog (or, sometimes, a horse or reindeer).
telemark: an elegant descent and downhill turning technique that's done mostly at alpine ski resorts and in the backcountry. Specific equipment - very similar to downhill ski gear, except the heel is free - is available, although the telemark turn can be executed on light cross country skis in the right conditions.
tracks: grooves made in the snow by a machine, enabling a skier to ski more easily when employing diagonal stride. Tracks make learning much easier.

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