Ironclad CAPTCHA Dreamweaver Plugin

by Security Stronghold



Ironclad CAPTCHA Dreamweaver plugin allows you to install Ironclad CAPTCHA by Security Stronghold on your web site or web pages in several minutes. It breaks the process of installation into five easy steps and guides you though them, automatically inserting needed HTML, PHP and CSS code into the page currently opened in Dreamweaver.

Ironclad CAPTCHA is a free, professional and unpenetrable way to protect your web site forms, forums and blogs from bulk submissions and spam. We call it unpenetrable because nobody can crack it today, and nobody probably will in next 10 years. Instead of asking user to enter letters and numbers (which even real human sometimes can't recognize, but computer already can!) we show him a picture with several primitive objects like teapots, keys, balls, and so on. Ironclad CAPTCHA is rendered in realtime from 3D scene, where each object can be
positioned, scaled, rotated and colored in random way. We then require user to count the number of three given types in the picture to pass the test.

Here are the main features of Ironclad CAPTCHA:


1) Unzip file into temporary folder.

2) Run Extensions Manager shipped with your Dreamweaver.

3) Select File -> Install Extension... menu item.

4) Point Select Extension dialog to IroncladCAPTCHA.mxp file and click on Install button.

5) After extension is installed, restart Dreamweaver.

6) Enjoy!


To uninstall this extension you should also use Extensions Manager.

1) Close Dreamweaver application.

2) Run Extensions Manager.

3) Select "Ironclad CAPTCHA" extension in the list.

4) Select File -> Remove Extension menu item.

Using Ironclad CAPTCHA

To open IroncladCAPTCHA plugin and use it to insert Ironclad CAPTCHA on your web page select Insert -> Ironclad CAPTCHA menu item in Dreamweaver. Make sure that the document you want to work with is opened and active and Dreamweaver's window. Then follow the instructions of the Wizard appeared on screen.


If you have any questions or problems with using Ironclad CAPTCHA plugin or if you want to suggest an idea of some new Dreamweaver extension you need, please use our HelpDesk.

We are always glad to help you!