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Welcome Pass Winter Trails Learn to Ski and Snowboard

What it is: The Welcome Pass is distributed by CCSAA member retail shops, catalogs and internet sites. Currently 7 retailers qualify to distribute the Pass. The Pass is a value-added incentive for a new skier purchasing any new ski package (skate or stride). In the case of L.L.Bean the Pass is also being given to purchasers of backcountry skis. If we can convert those backcountry skiers to track skiers, woo hoo! It's doubtful though that those customers will use the Pass. The Pass is nontransferable. You may ask to see the new ski equipment, if you so desire.

When it is: all ski season

What are you asking my Ski Area to do: redeem the Welcome Pass (using a hand punch, put  a hole in the card in the #1,2 or 3 snowflake) for a trail pass.

What my Ski Area gets: new customers visiting your area; keep them coming back with the other visits on the Pass; listed and linked at;

What it is: Winter Trails Day offers children and adults new to snow sports the chance to try snowshoeing and cross country skiing for free, and to discover the great fitness and social benefits with these easy-to-learn winter sports. Almost 100 resorts and Nordic Centers nationwide, and gets 11,000 kids and adults on the snow each year. Each Winter Trails event is run by a local organization or business.

When it is: The annual Winter Trails Day is on January 11, 2014.

What are you asking my Ski Area to do: Winter Trails programs and activities vary in size and scope, as each venue chooses a program that will introduce these sports to their communities. Sign up as a participating location. Determine what your FREE offer is for Winter Trails. You are to creating an offer to try snowshoeing and/or cross country skiing for FREE.

What my Ski Area gets: A great opportunity to introduce your ski resort to potential new customers and the advantage of being part of a nationally promoted program (be part of the buzz, use the name, download the redi made promotional tools); listing & link from

What is it: The name is an umbrella for children's programs at nordic center. It's a great brand name we can all get behind. You're encouraged to use the name for your ski area's children's program. Remember, a program is just that. It's not special rates or discounts. Ideas for programs include: an "illustrated trail" with pages from a children's book blown up and mounted along the trail; any program that you are offering for schools that includes some content not just rentals and trail pass; guided ski tours for kids; a scavenger hunt or geo-caching that appeal to children; and children-specific lessons that incorporate play on skis. Our goal is to learn and inspire each other to create more and better programs to get children outside in the winter to play and slide on snow.

When is it: Whenever you want. Throughout the season.

What are you asking my Ski Area to do: Develop children's programming at your center. Consider naming it No Child Left Inside. Optin and tell us in 10 words about your program. You can have up to 4 different programs. Create a page on your website specific to children and give us that link.

What my Ski Area gets: parents and children coming to your area because you're catering to them; a really cool name and logo for your children's program; and the good feeling that comes from playing with your children.