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The level of membership (green, blue, black diamond) directly effects the appearance of your membership listing online. Contact us to upgrade your membership.

Security & Programming

CCSAA doesn’t allow code to be written in the member listings. The friendly, clean style of our site is intentional for maximum user appeal.


If you cut & paste text from Word into your listing, unusual characters (usually diamonds with question marks) will appear in your text. Simply delete any apostrophes, parenthesis, etc. from the listing and retype them here. That should solve the problem.


  • Your USERNAME is whatever you or CCSAA have already set as your username.
  • Your PASSWORD is whatever you or CCSAA have already set as your password.

You can change both your username and password once you login. There is only ONE login for your organization’s membership with CCSAA. Be sure to let all those in your organization who need access know your login. If you’ve forgotten your username or password, click here and enter the EMAIL ADDRESS used in your business listing on the CCSAA website (not your personal email, not your username). The email in your business listing is most likely a general info email for your cross country ski business. Your login will be sent to this email address.